KIDZ Pediatric Occupational Therapy is designed to deliver functional skills to increase independence in their the home, school, and community. Our therapy programs are based around upper extremity functioning, fine and visual motor skills, and sensory motor integration.

Splinting evaluations and custom splints are available for patients who need them.

pediatric occupational therapy

Common conditions we treat include:
  • Developmental Delay
  • Post Trauma or Post Upper Extremity Surgery
  • Neurological impairments due to cerebral palsy or chromosomal anomalies
  • Autism
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Our treatments include:
  • Motor Control and Motor Learning
  • Sensory Integration and Sensory Stimulation
  • Therapeutic Listening
  • Handwriting without Tears®
  • Neurodevelopmental Treatment
  • Manual Therapy
KIDZ also provides Pediatric Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy, and more.