Physical Therapy


Our Pediatric Physical Therapy services are designed to give KIDZ the physical movement, abilities, and strength to perform complex daily motor tasks. 

Occupational Therapy


Our Pediatric Occupational Therapy services are designed to help KIDZ make their day to day life more functional and independent. We achieve this through improving motor skills, sensory processing, and self care.



Our Pediatric Speech Therapy services are designed to help KIDZ develop the skills to communicate effectively. We also address areas of concern in language, articulation, swallowing/feeding, and social skills.

What is different about KIDZ?


Our programs using Collaborative Therapeutic Intervention is used to enhance our special needs children, teens, and young adults ability to function at their best in their day-to-day lives, which can help our KIDZ and their families achieve more every day.
We combine our KIDZ Programs of physical, occupational, and speech therapy in to a KIDZ Personalized Development Plan, which is designed for your KIDZ based on their unique needs and abilities.


FloorTimeKIDZ is a powerful developmental program for children and families of our area. This exciting new methodology stimulates your child's learning potential using DIRFloortime ® approach to learning.
This program is based on expanding our KIDZ potential in learning through cognitive play. Our activities exercise such elements as a child's social skills, motor skills, circle time, developmental playtime, memory, language development, creativity, and sensory modulation.
Floor-Time KIDZ is for potty trained 2-4 years old children and they meet one time a week from 9 am-12 pm.


This is our social skills development group program designed to help KIDZ feel more comfortable in social environments and develop friendships by giving them tools to engage socially.

This social skills group addresses appropriate peer interactions, problem solving skills, role playing, as well as general social/conversational skills necessary to have well-rounded inter-personal skills.

Through group interactions, your children will become more aware of how they are perceived by others and will be motivated to improve their social skills. This group is designed to form a team bond, which will help each child feel important as an individual and as a team member.

This group will incorporate fine/visual motor skills as well as bilateral skills.

Each group session builds from the knowledge learned in the last session. The groups consist of 4 to 6 children with a therapist. The groups will run 5:00-6:00 pm every Monday.
1 hour per week for 6 weeks - Call for Pricing


This is a Summer Group program that gives our children a welcoming and successful environment to continue their development, while still having fun during their summer break. The Camp runs Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 12:00 pm each week we have 6 children per group.

This is a therapeutic summer "power session" program focusing on social skills, handwriting, self care, fitness, and "how your engine runs," to help your children learn to interact in therapeutic group settings, as well as communicate with their family and peers.

Each summer group is facilitated by a licensed Occupational Therapist as well as two qualified assistants.

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This is a Handwriting group based on the Handwriting without Tears Program®. It is a fun and exciting way to get KIDZ to energetically practice and develop their writing skills.

This program will improve your child's handwriting skills through socialization, strengthening, and various motor planning mediums such as auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation. The cost of the group includes the once a week session, therapuddy, a gripper, and a Handwriting Without Tears® work book.

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